BLACK SEA fruit company Ltd. was founded on December, 09,1997, as a private economic enterprise with the purpose of growing and sale of agri-cultural product in Ukraine and abroad. The total area of our firm is 240 hectares.

BLACK SEA fruit company Ltd. is located in Crimean climatic district, Zaporozhia region on the south of Ukraine. Our company has powerful possibilities on the production of fruit with high taste and productive indexes. Every year we plant new young gardens.

During the 12-th years of existence of our company was engaged in growing of fruit: sweet cherry, plum, apples, apricot and strawberry. The same grew into a professionally computer-integrated enterprise with the young collective of specialists, professional technologists-agriculturists of the gardener industry, and management department on the sale of products on an export and in the supermarkets of Ukraine and Russia.

The management of BLACK SEA fruit company Ltd. decided to organize the industrial production of fruit cultures, in particular sweet cherry, apple-trees and strawberry on the basis of German technology with the use of drip irrigation on all area of the fruit planting for subsequent development of the company.

In April,- 2005 on lot land by 40 hectares area we did develop of experimental garden of the intensive planting of sweet cherry. Total cost of project pressed - 500 000 euro. For this purpose BLACK SEA fruit company Ltd. concluded a contract with a leading nursery in relation to acquisition of planting-stock on the midget sub graft of Gizela-5 with the limited growth of trees and more early terms beginning of fruiting.

Total volume of fresh sweet cherry makes 500 tons annually. After picking of sweet cherry we passes the cycle of sorting, cooling and packing in corrugated cardboard boxes.

From 2007 our company began to develop baccate industry application of technology which allows getting the high harvests of high-quality berries from unit of area with the small charges of labour. Annually we plants near 1000000 strawberry plants. For this purpose BLACK SEA fruit company Ltd. concluded contracts for acquisition of planting-stock with company of Germany and Italy.

Annually volume of strawberry gross is consist 300 tons. After collection, a strawberry passes the cycle of sorting, cooling and packing in plastic baskets for 0,5 kg.

BLACK SEA fruit company Ltd. for achievement of the best results of economic activity decided to organize the production of more high-quality, competitive sorts of apples: Braeburn, Gala, Golden Delishes, Fugis, to Granny Smith and other. Our company got the planting-stock from the Belgian company. Our purpose is achievement of gross collection of apples -10 thousands tone annually. For this purpose we plant annually 50 hectares of gardens by application of modern technology of trellis support and drip irrigation with possibility application of fertilizers.

The newest project of 2009 became planting of nursery of strawberry of in-vitro, and unvirus material: sub graft of apple-trees ofM-9, rootstocks apple-tree, peach and pear that came from Europe.

BLACK SEA.fruit company Ltd. has also necessary powers for cooling, maintenance, transporting of the products.